Hide Pictures - MyVault

Hide Pictures - MyVault 1.2

Worried about your private photos?

Worried about your private photos?

Worried about your private photos?

Don't worry MyVault keeps your photos safely by using encryption algorithm and it is lock protected

You can use MyVault as a NormalGallery ,where you can Browse,Delete,Share the images from the application itself

While Hiding ,the photos will be arranged with the existing folder name in the hidden gallery.

While UnHiding, the selected(hidden) photos will be moved to orginal folder in the normal gallery.

How to use?

1. Choose the photos/folder from the Gallery App/MyVault application

2. Press Share/Hide , then all your private photos are arranged in the HiddenGallery safely where you can only access your photos


Hidden Camera : You can take the photos from the Hidden camera which directly moves the photo to the Hidden Gallery.

Anti-Uninstall : It is used to prevent others to un-install the app until unless you un-check from the device administrator.

Unhide all : You can unhide all the photos in a single shot.

BackUp : We strongly recommened you to BackUp your data to SDCard frequently, so that it will helpfull when you re-install your MyVault.

Its our responsiblity to caution you,so MyVault reminds you to take backup frequenlty through notification.

You cannot find MyVault in recent tasks

Easy-to-use PIN,Pattern access.

Problems? Please contact us at justsmartapps@gmail.com first before leaving a bad review. We will fix the issues for you as soon as we can.

Suggestion? Please also shot us an email. Your ideas may be present in our next version. Thanks!

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Hide Pictures - MyVault


Hide Pictures - MyVault 1.2

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